Welcome to Federal School of Statistics Manchok

Federal school of statistics moved to Manchok Kaura Local Government in 2012 from Kaduna metropolis where it had been for some years The mandate of the school is to enroll students drawn from the general public and private sectors especially suppliers, users and producers of statistical data. To award professional and post-graduate diplomas in statistics and related courses. To serve as a research centre and bilingual school on statistics and related subjects in the West African sub-region.

The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) granted the school an interim accreditation in 2014 to award National Diploma in three programs:
1. National Diploma is Statistics
2. National Diploma in Computer Science
3. National Diploma in Business Administration and Management.

School Organogram

2. Mr. ADEDEJI AKEEM Ag. Registrar and Head of Administration
3. Mr. ASERE GBENGA FEMI, Coordinator (MIS)
4. Mr. OLATAYO JAMES, school librarian
5. OCHOLI SUNDAY, Procurement Unit
6. GLADIS JOHN, school Nurse in charge of the Sick Bay
7. CHARITY SUNDAY, Officer in charge of Students’ Record
8. Mr. OYENIKE FEMI, In charge of Bursary/Accounting Unit
9. Mr. INNOCENT MANGBON, SIWES Co-coordinator
10. CHRISTIANA J. BAKUT, Entrepreneurship Coordinator

Mangbon T.A (MFR) Rector

Adedeji Hakeem Registrar